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Dreamtalia Shadow!Italy x Reader Ch.4

Seeing a blinded reality with fading colours

You looked at him with one blue eye on the right side.After that things were dark.

Dream realm~
When you opened your eyes you were standing next to a waterfall and what seems like an empty plain.The place was beautiful with all the sprites and flowers of every color everywhere.The faded yellow butterfly comes around then lands on your hand.[You]"Hello,little one.Do you know where I am?"It fluttered around you and lands on your nose as a white flash blinded your vision that made you fall back.Rubbing your eyes your vision came back but still hurts a little.[You]"Thank God I didn't go blind......What was that flash though?*looks around*Where did the butterfly go?"It was no where on sight,just the flowers.You decide to let that slide and continue on finding where you are till you felt a urgent pull from the east side.Looking to the right seeing no-one the strange force kept on pulling you towards the source.You followed the energy that lead you to a tall rock with black letters appeared on it.

'WhAt iS UnDEr thE eArtH BuT abOvE ThE gRouND?'

That confused you till another sentence came.

'iT Is BeAutIFuL yET pLaiN aT tHE sAmE tImE.'

'thE OnLy hINt i CaN GivE iS ThAt iT'S mY sUrpRIsE tO yOu.'

A surprise?Could it be Shadow Italy?Wonder what's he planning.........

'fOLloW THe PatH,fOlLoW oN wHaT'S RiGHt aND YoU cAn NeVEr gO wRoNg.'

Now you were completely confused.You supported your head with your left hand thinking of what he's trying so say.It was almost like.............a game.

You were passed out on the floor in front of the mirror.Arthur sees a dark energy in the mirror and the last thing on it was a smile with sharp teeth that sends shivers all over.Black letters appear in front off your unconscious body.

sHe'S mInE NoW aND i'M nOt LetTInG heR Go eItHEr.

He was stunned and was now scared for you.[Arthur]"I never knew how deep this is...."He runs up and carries you to a room where Canada,Austria, and Italy were at,sleeping on tables.England ran so the other nations to get in here quick.When the guys came in Germany was shocked to see you knocked out....again.[Ludwig]"WHAT DID YOU DO TO (c/n) THIS TIME?!!!??!" Germany now had the sudden urge to just knock him out but Prussia held him back.[Arthur]"The FaucherÍ seems to have a certain type of connection with her....." Now everyone just looked at him weird[Kiku]"What do you mean?"[Arthur]"It seemed that she had been in this state before.........he must have felt a connection to her so strong that he doesn't want anyone to take her away from him.We need to act fast before it's too late for her."Everyone looked at each other and decided to put their differences to the side to help England.[Ludwig]"I hope you know what you're doing........"

Dream realm~
Obviously,he wants to show you something.[You]"What path?.....I don't see one anywhere."You closed your eyes thinking of a solution.As you open your right eye your field of vision changed to a bunch of different colors then they originally were making you shake your head and look to see if you went crazy or something.Everything was normal to you till you put you hand over your left eye.Everything changed making your eyes widen.The outlines of the trees were a a bit whiten from the sun as everything looked like negative color effects.Everything just looked strange like measuring temperature if it's hot or cold.When you looked in front there was a yellow stone path and you knew that wasn't there before.You step on a stone as if it was real then started walking on it while keeping you left eye covered.It ends and can't see anything else useful.When you put your hand down a sentence was in front of you.

'iT HaS mOrE MEaNinG tHAn VaLuE ItSelF'

' LiStEN tO ThE HeARt AnD YoU'lL uNcoVeR tHe tRuTH'

This time you covered your right eye as the vision darkens a bit seeing different secret entrances.Streams of different colored butterflies were heading in one direction so you followed them to a certain path down the forest and into a cave.They instantly disappeared as you looked ahead with both eyes.Everything was a bit dark til you see a light leading to a another chamber.As your vision adjusts to the light you couldn't help but stared in complete shock.It was the most beautiful crystal cave you've ever seen,even though you've never seen one in person but still.…

There were large and small blue crystals were everywhere.There was a waterfall nearby along with a large hole on the roof allowing you to see the stars close up.[FaucherÍve]"Seems you were able to figure out the riddles."You see Shadow Italy sitting on a crystal near a pond.[You]"How did you do all of this?"[FaucherÍve]"I'm able to make dreams into reality."[You]"Really?"He nods then jumps down and walks over to you.[FaucherÍve]"I can make whatever your heart's desire into the real deal.I grant wishes for those who live a miserable life and when you said yours I simply did as you wish.For someone to care and love you for who you are."Just by the comment made you blush but why.[You]"Why would you care for me?"He lifts your chin making you look at him.[FaucherÍve]"Something about you just interest me.I can't put what yet it just feels like it. Although,there's one thing that seems to be true.When you cover your eyes things change,am I right?"You nod as he goes behind you.He uses his left hand to cover the left eye,making the color change again seeing roots from the crystals in the wall like they transferring energy and were almost like plants since they were sprouting New ones as the old ones were dark and didn't transfer any.[FaucherÍve]"Follow on what's right and you can never go wrong.On this side you see paths.Very much like a guide it will show you the way."He drops his left and used his shadow hand to cover the right side.[FaucherÍve]"Listen to the heart and you'll uncover the truth.This shows you secret entrances and passages that only you and me know."He completely cover your vision with his shadow hand and hold your hand in the other for sense of security.[FaucherÍve]"When both are closed you can see what happens beyond one's expectations."He let's go and stands in front of you.[You]"What does that mean?"[FaucherÍve]"That I want you to discover on your own."He pause for a minute.[FaucherÍve]"There's one more thing I want to show you."He goes behind and placed a sliver butterfly locket around your neck.…

You held it so get a better view as he holds your hand with the locket.[FaucherÍve]"If you ever need me on anything -clicks the side,dreamtalia consumed play *- just press the side and I'll come over."Just by the the feel of his hand on yours makes you blush a dark red.A sudden shake made both of you separate.[You]"What was that?" It started to get more violent as stalactites starts to fall from the ceiling.You were dodging them left and right till you fell in in the pond.It was dark from the inside till a light came through.You suddenly felt like you were flying in midair then fell down on something cold.You sat up seeing you were in some kind of snowy area.Reminds you of the time when Russia jumped out of a plane without a parachute and broke his back.You shake the snow off and went on looking for anything that can help you tell where you.You couldn't really see that many paths or passages either way.As you carried on you see what looks like America.[You]"America?" He did looked a little different than the original America.Strange that he would wearing his old war uniform.[You]"Oh......uhh.........Hello,who are you?"[America...]"Uhh......Hi.I'm America,"[You]"America world?Weird last name....."[America world]"Shut up!It's a good enough name! I'm here so rid of any intruders in name of the master!"[You]"Master? What master?"[America world]"That's none of your business.I suggest you leave.Now."[You]"Unless you know a way out,I'm stuck here."[America world]"Dare back talk me?! Let's see what you'll say when i hack you to pieces!"He pulls out a chainsaw making your eyes widen.[You]"Whoa Whoa take it easy.Im not here to fight anyone."He only got angrier and charged at you. You were able so dodge his attacks but barely.He was just so fast and almost had your head.He cut the edges of your hair (unless you have short hair then you dodged it).When you feel a little lighter which was weird.As you ran your hand through it a lot was cut off to a slant line downward from both sides,almost like an arrow .[You]"OH HECK NO! YOU DO NOT CUT MY HAIR LIKE THAT!!!" You dodged a few attacks and disarm his chainsaw then knocked him down to his back.Normally you be the one pushed back but now the tables turned.As he got up groaning he saw the faded yellow butterfly and backed down.[America world]"........I'm sorry for..........cutting off your hair like that........ and to cause you any trouble..."Without another word he picked up the chainsaw and left.[You]"Great,now what do I do"You sighed and tied your hair back with a red ribbon that you kept around your arm then decide to continue on.The butterfly landed on the knot of the ribbon like it was part of the decoration and stood still like it was metal.You didn't really notice it as you venture on to the new unknown regions.
*- (sorry not the music I had in mind)Dreamtalia consumed…

Well got the 4th chapter up.I'm getting real excited on writing this story.I hope you don't mind the addresses of the pictures I choose for the story though.
Song not mine can be found on YouTube
Dreamtalia and :iconshadowitalyplz: @ :iconpianodream: and :iconkyokyo866:
Picture @ :iconvienie-fa:

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