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Dreamtalia~Shadow!Italy x Reader

Ch 2 Ambush

Previously on Dreamtalia:
He lends out a hand to help you up but you held your arm out in defense which made him frown a little.[You]"W-W-What a-are you?"His smile came back showing his small but sharp teeth.[Italy?]"Why I'm Italy,silly."

You knew this wasn't the Italy that you know.You got up slowly as he continues to smile.[Italy?]"You had the most beautiful voice,Bella"That did scared you since you don't really sing in front of people due to your shyness.You always thought that you didn't have a 'perfect' singing voice.[You]"Y-You actually h-heard me sing?" [Italy?]"There's no one else besides me so I figure that someone else is here and your the only one here"Now you were curious. [You]"Where am I?" [Italy?]"In my dream realm of course!"[You]"Your......realm?"[Italy?]"I do live here one else does....." You look at the pale nation[You]"Surely,there are others like you here."He shook his head[Italy?]"No......As far as I know they either disappeared forever or just abandoned me......"Sorrow strikes your heart.You know exactly how he feels but being completely alone with no one else to talk too that's just rough to say at the least.[You]"oh.......that........must be hard with one else around."[Italy?]"I don't mind the peace and quiet but at times I wonder what's it like with others around...."[You]"I know how you feel.People don't really notice me that much(like Canada) and whenever they do I either shy away or someone else cuts me off.I don't really have anyone else either.Your the first person I actually talked to without being scared in a long time."You raise your hand noticing that it's starts to fade away like your disappearing.'Italy' takes notice and starts to frown [Italy?]"Seems that you're going to wake up." Something's telling you to stay but another was saying time to go back to reality.Before you could say anything your vision starts to go white as the background fades like a distant memory (I had a dream similar to that last night).You go up on your bed looking around seeing no one.You look look at the clock seeing that it's 10 at night.You put your hand on your forehead feeling sweat[You]"That.....felt so........real" Something was telling you to draw something.You had to draw him so you wouldn't forget plus you felt like you were going to to need it later on.You got up and grabbed the nearest pencil and paper and started to draw right away.About 10 minutes later you were done.Looking at it you drew the scene where you meet him at the big tree with the lights.You got up with a blanket around unknown to you shadow!Italy was looking at you through the mirror.

Shadow!Italy's pov
This girl is the first one I ever talked too without wanting to hurt her.I walked through the mirror but remained in the shadows.Luckily it was night time so it was not really a problem for me to hide.I followed her to the a room with what I believe is what humans call the kitchen.I changed my form to look more like my host and walked in.Unfortunately in this world I can't talked even if I tried but she noticed me anyway.[You]"H-Hey Italy...." She wasn't lying about being shy but I waved back.She smiled a little before Germany came in.[Ludwig]"Hallo,_________,Italy." that's her name.[You]"H-Hi,Germany."

Your pov

Germany came in,got some water than sat down with a pale look.[You]"You o-ok?"[Ludwig]"Ja,just had a nightmare...."[You]"Y-You need t-to talk about it?"[Ludwig]"Nein,it was probably....nothing." You nodded [You]"I-I'll see you g-guys later." Germany nod then you went outside for some fresh air(with shadow!Italy following of course).As you continue to walk taking in the scenery scenery of the stars high above.You heard something rustle in the bushes but only thought of it as an animal like a raccoon or something.Although before you could even blink you felt a HARD blow to the head.You could feel blood on your head dripping down but you managed to stand seeing China and Russia.[Wang Yao]"Ayia,Russia we are trying to get her captured not dead!"[Ivan]"Da,but it's fun to hit people and watch them suffer"Before knowing Russia rushes up knocking you down.You managed to dodge some attacks from Russia's pipe and China's wok but it was two against one so you could last much longer.After a while you ended up with a broken leg,broken arm,black eye and three broken ribs.You wonder how you were still alive even though you were a nation.You were beginning to black out not before seeing Shadow!Italy with a horrid look.You reached your hand out in a silent way for crying out for help before eternal darkness shield your vision.When you woke up you were in a dungeon prison cell.You've been here before more times than Italy so not much of a shock to you.Even though you trained with Germany you were'nt really on attacking yet but at least you lasted longer and you took a hard hit head on,at least that's something.As you looked at your injuries you notice that only a couple had treated.[You]"Those selfish jerks"You could still feel major pain even if you didn't move.[You]"Someone me......."Everything was silent for a couple of hours you were at the point of passing out from the pain.You suddenly heard the door open.Looking over seeing China you turned away not wanting to deal one of the allies right now.You would rather be badly injured than let any information of your teammates out.[China]"_________....."The sound of his voice was almost completely different yet familiar making you looking at him instantly.As he came closer the look in his eyes were different.Same color but they were telling he was a different character.'China' gently picks you up bridal style carrying you out of the basement and out of the Allies' house without being detected.You could feel a chill feeling from him helping you ignore the pain from the broken bones.You could feel sleepiness taking over again as 'China' walks in Germany's house catching someone's attention.[Kiku]"China? What are you doing h-" Japan stopped cleaning the dishes and droped a plate seeing the broken leg and arm.Germany heard the noise than runs up [Ludwig]"Japa- WHAT HAPPENED TO _________?!?!" 'China' comes up and puts you in Germany's arms before leaving without saying another word.Japan and Germany looked at each other then ran to the infirmary wasting no time get the injuries fixed up.[Kiku]''Hang on,_________ you're going to be alright.Everything is going to be alright.''Sure the Allies captured you but never went as far as using weapons to beat you up.[Ludwig]''When I find those Allies I'm going to teach them what real pain is!"You were about to close your eyes before Germany started shaking your shoulder trying to keep you away.[Ludwig]''__________,don't you dare pass out on me!"Before hearing what else he said everything just zoned out before getting dark again.
~~~~~~~~~~Dream realm~~~~~~~~~~~

When you woke up again your head hurt so much right now.When you looked around you saw the ENTIRE realm was nothing but black and white like a 1970 's movie (or something like that) as if it was drain.All life,happiness,joy and magic that you last encountered was gone nothing but sorrow and emptiness you felt growing up. You looked to see shadow Italy crying on his knees.He was an obsolete mess just by the sight.[Italy?]''It's all my fault.It's all my fault.It's all my fault.She's like this because of me!''[You]''Italy?" He jumps up being startled by your voice.[Italy?]''Your awake!" He hugs you tightly crying on your shoulder.[You]''My god what happened and Why does my head hurt?" He lets go then looks at you with his blue and white eye.[Italy?]''Your in a coma."
Dreamtalia,picture and :iconshadowitalyplz: @ :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream:

Here's the first chapter ->…

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